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Superior Services

Services Unlike most Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche repair shops and dealers in Atlanta, GA who use a dealer flat rate manual for pricing, we utilize our own pricing structure. This combined with our favorable labor rates result in lower labor costs for our customers. We offer 10% discounts to all new customers and monthly service specials for our existing customers. To learn about our monthly specials become a fan of us on Facebook.  

Detailed Car Services

Full Brake Services - Your most important safety feature, whether it be for an Audi, a Porsche or a VW, is also the most vulnerable!  Worn or damaged brakes can not only be dangerous in Atlanta’s traffic, but costly as well.  Aside from the obvious damage that could ensue from brake failure, worn pads can warp your rotors and create vibrations which manipulate and damage your calipers.  This not only calls for a bigger repair bill, but it also results in reduced vehicle control!  Don't put yourself at risk, we can show you if your brakes need service.  Don't wait until you need them!

Complete scheduled and elective maintenance- The smartest way to avoid costly repairs is quality maintenance frequent fluid changes and flushes.  Fluids are designed to absorb and alter the forces inflicted on your car’s components.  They break down over time, corrosion builds, then deposits generate, and your vehicle takes the abuse.  There is a lot of energy at work to power every system, so let us make sure it’s not working towards irreversible damage!   We follow all factory recommended checklists and visually inspect every inch of your car upon each visit to Superior where we run all necessary tests and treat your vehicles as if they are our own.  We use only the best care and most discriminate procedures to protect your car!

Full Diagnosis and Inspection - We employ the latest technology and most up to date troubleshooting techniques to assure that you get the most accurate and thorough inspection.  From check engine lights to leaks, suspension, and pressure tests, we promise no detail is left unattended.  Every time you bring your car in, we go through a decisive process to determine exactly what your vehicle needs to be running at its best. With today’s high tech cars, like Porsche and Audi, you can't afford to use obsolete tools, which is why we guarantee proper diagnosis or your next service inspection (minor maintenance) is on us.  As always the "1-Hour Diagnosis fee" is not applied if service is performed.

Performance Tuning and Upgrades - Working with Our Partners and suppliers, we have the edge in giving you that extra boost you so desire!  Of course with our 70+ years combined experience and support from the latest and greatest technology, we can fix you up with any level of power.  Simple ECU Flashes from Revo and Bolt-On Upgrades are the most common, although we can go as far as you'd like. Power isn't everything. We are also experienced in suspension and aerodynamic upgrades, with track time to back it up!  Bring your Audi or Porsche in to our shop in Alpharetta.  We'll look it over, build a plan and budget for you at no cost! Our expertise will speak for itself.

Aftermarket Installation and Stereo Setup – We are not only skilled in making your vehicle faster, we can make it nicer too!  Maybe you want a little more kick from the speakers.  Perhaps new seats?   Lights and body kits?   Whatever floats your boat!   Don't be victimized by under qualified competitors, only top quality 100% guaranteed jobs leave our shop.  No inquiry can't be accomplished, not an application too far to achieve.  Just give us a call and get hooked up today!

Engine Repairs – Is your engine making a clatter?  Was it that punk you beat between lights last week or the oil leak you forgot to take care of?  Wait, there was no indicator light.  Could it be a pump or pulley? Either way it's not getting better on its own!  We implore you to involve a specialist.  These delicate new cars require special care and we're willing to go that extra mile to do the job right!  The last place you want to skip on quality is your major repairs.  Don't assume the other shops know Audi & Porsche like we prove to.  We only exercise the utmost discretion in every procedure we perform.  Your peace of mind is our profession, and you can rest assured that your carriage will be cared for.

Transmission Treatment - The most commonly overlooked entity in your vehicles operation.  Automatic transmissions rely on a complex series of machines to keep the power properly planted.  Although ATF is one of the most resilient compounds you'll find, it undergoes incredible pressures in controlling shifts.  When it degrades, more friction is absorbed by the transmission components, not only depleting fuel economy, but leading to faster wear, loss of function and possible transmission failure.  Get it checked at the first sign of mis-shifts or slipping.  Don't jeopardize your investment; it's not worth waiting until it develops something serious.

Suspension - Don't lose control of your car!  The suspension is your link to the road while navigating the asphalt jungles of Atlanta.  ALL cars take damage while traversing obstacles, braking, and even simply turning!  Every bump you roll over and each time you manipulate your momentum in any way, the bushings, ball joints, shocks & struts take a beating. Just as it wears tires, aggressive driving destroys all control components, and it's also as reckless as driving on bald tires.  More importantly, suspension problems damage tires.  Even the ABS, transmission, and power steering assume all systems are 100% good to go & are to factory specifications, meaning aside from lessened driver control, the car’s own systems malfunction.  Brakes are less effective and you waste gas.

Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen Featured Services

Superior Autohaus, LLC provides a wide variety of services which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Full Brake Services
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Scheduled Maintenance per Factory Schedule
  • Transmission Repairs
  • Engine Repairs
  • Full Diagnosis (1 hr fee, waived if repairs are performed)
  • Performance Tuning and Upgrades
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Ding and dent removal
  • Bumper repair and repainting
  • Wheel repair and refinishing